Do you suck at rolling? Rolling machines and Rolling boxes are the answer

Do You Suck At Rolling? We Have The Answer For You!

Smoking Rolling Machines and Rolling Boxes
If you suck at rolling like many of us do. We have the answer for you!!
Smoking® brand offers some great rolling machines and some really nice rolling boxes to drastically improve your rolling skills. You have two choices for consideration; portability or for at-home use.
Acrylic Rolling Machines
rolling machine, perfect roll,
For your at-home use we have a selection of acrylic rolling machines (Above) and metal rolling machines (Below). Both are available in Regular size, 1 1/4 Medium size or King Size.
Metal Rolling Machines
Metal Rolling Machine
*love how there is a slot under the metal rolling machine to store your booklet of rolling papers. Very clever and super convenient.
Regular Size Rolling Box
Smoking Rolling Box Regular Size
 For on-the-go, our Smoking® Rolling boxes are available in Regular size (Above) and 1 1/4 Medium size (Below). The biggest advantage of these rolling boxes is that you are able keep your papers and tips inside the rolling box. So you are ready to roll, whenever and wherever. Once you learn how to master the rolling box, you may never go back to trying to hand roll ever again. Perfect rolls every time and the ability to roll with the filter already inside is a huge added bonus.
1 1/4 Medium Rolling Box
Smoking Rolling Box 1 1/4 Medium Size
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