The History Of King Size Rolling Papers

So here's the scoop on the King Size rolling paper's history...
As you may or may not have realized there are different widths of King Size rolling papers amongst all rolling paper companies. Across all brands Internationally King Size is regarded as any rolling paper from 100mm-110mm in length. Mind you there are other brands out there who make larger 120mm/130mm/140mm. As for various widths, now that's where it gets interesting. Pending how you roll, if you prefer... a cone/an L/backwards/old school there are really three widths to choose from; 52mm, 44mm or 37mm. That being said I have witnessed people fold over the bottom of the paper, lick it along their fold and tear away a small strip to achieve their desired size to begin their roll. I personally witnessed while on vacation in Jamaica someone tear off the gum line on the Pure Hemp King Size Classic's and rolled it the same way and just licked the paper together. So really, at the end of the day, you can roll any width 52mm or less unless you you doubled up a Classic King Size and rolled a 100mm.
Smoking Brown King Size XL (52mm Width)
Then there is 44mm wide (most common size) which used to be called King Size Slim are now regarded as King Size Regular for example the Pure Hemp® Unbleached King Size.
Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size (44mm Width)
Lastly there is 37mm wide which used to be called King Size Ultra Slim and are now regarded as King Size Slim for example the Smoking® Master King Size. These rolling papers are only for the seriously experienced rollers, the true Masters at their craft. For example Expert Joints or The Rolling Baron.
Smoking Master King Size (37mm Width)
So as you can see there has clearly been a shift on how the width of King Size rolling paper's are labeled. We hope this helps you find the perfect King Size for you to roll.
52mm was Reg, now XL/Wide
44mm was Slim, now Regular *most pop
37mm was Ultra Slim, now Slim