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Smoking Rolling Papers Miquel Y Costas & Miquel Spain
In 1879, the Miquel Costas brothers Lorenzo and Antonio and decided to turn their family paper business, which had been in existence without a break since 1725, and they wanted to take the next step and became a limited company.
The present company which manufactures the rolling papers was incorporated in 1929, and the Miquel y Costas Group today now consists of thirteen subsidiaries and associated companies, all centered around the paper and pulp industry. From the outset the principal line of business has been the manufacture of fine and specialty lightweight papers, with the main specialization being hi-tech cigarette papers. The bulk of the output, after supplying the domestic market, is exported. The company has long experience in the export market, as shown by the fact that for almost 125 years it has had its own sales agents and a large customer base in Havana, Toronto, Mexico City, Valparaiso, New York, to name a few. Miquel Y Costas company's state-of-the-art technology, developed in house, enables it to be well positioned in the major world markets, including those that are most demanding when it comes to total quality. Consequently, customers and their requirements have always been the focal point of the company's business. Proven expertise in the manufacture of specialty papers, backed up by systematic research and long technical experience, have enabled the MCM Group to expand its ranges to include other products with similar technological basis. The result of these efforts and experience is the high quality achieved in the production of cigarette papers, rolling papers, printing papers, specialty papers and textile pulps, which has made the Miquel y Costas Group one of the world’s best manufacturers of specialty lightweight rolling papers and among the worldwide leaders. Industrial activity is marked by a high level of integration, making optimum use of synergies in the fields of applied research and technologies, both with the development of new products and, in particular, with products relating to the control and management of processes, in which the Group is making significant advances.
Miquel y Costas & Miquel, S.A. is a company whose history goes back as far as the 18th century. In the middle of the eighteenth century in the Catalan town of Capellades, the Miquel family began making paper in a completely traditional way. But it was in 1879, when Miquel y Costas & Miquel SA was created, that the well-known cigarette paper came into existence. This hallmark Spanish rolling paper brand soon became a leader in terms of its sales. Today, ‘Smoking’ is one of the most deeply rooted brands in the international rolling paper market. It is also the most exported paper brand, reaching more than 80 countries on all 5 continents. Today 90% of its total annual production is destined to be exported. The variety of its products and formats, the quality of its paper, its well-known and stylish design and the marketing of other accessories for smokers have made ‘Smoking’ a leading brand and a benchmark worldwide. Moreover, the company has consistently enjoyed a leading position for the last century. Presently Miquel Y Costas is European based in Barcelona, Spain with a South American division located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition, it operates the Besos and Pla de la Barquera production plants, which are located in the province of Barcelona, Spain and the Mislata production plant, located in the province of Valencia. Spain.