About Roll-Your-Own

Our farm
Our roots run deep in the hemp industry. In fact, one of our sister companies; Hemphasis, have been involved in growing and breeding of Canadian hemp strains since 1998. At Roll-Your-Own we are passionate about rolling and always have been. We've personally been rolling since the '80s, and decided in the '90s to start to repping the Smoking® brand, the Pure Hemp® brand and the Kukuxumusu® brand rolling papers, pre-roll cones and r-y-o filters. We've exclusively imported and distributed Miquel Y Costas & Miquel brands from Barcelona, Spain into and across the Canadian and American markets. We are proud to work with them, a 100% vertically integrated hemp paper manufacturer. We have always believed that with their over 300 years of paper making experience MCM’s creates some of the finest rolling papers in the world.