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Smoking DeLuxe 1 1/4 Medium Size 6pk Pre-Roll Cones

Smoking DeLuxe 1 1/4 Medium Size 6pk Pre-Roll Cones

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Smoking DeLuxe 13 GSM rice 'wood' pulp cones are crafted using a patented spiral wrap. We studied the master torcedors who hand roll cigars. Their patented spiral wrap is what helps guide the ember around as it burns, mitigating the chance of running/canoeing. Our design also results in our cone having zero leftover paper tail overlapping inside, like all other cone designs. We all know that any left over paper will detract from the flowers and affect the burn... and nobody wants that! All of our Smoking® preroll cones are finished with a 26mm paper tip/crutch.

If you take pride in your pre-rolls, you should be using the best pre-roll cones available.

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