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Launched in the late 90’s, Smoking Deluxe, with its ultra-thin paper took the market by storm.  Smoking DeLuxe was truly ahead of its time for the sheer thinness of its paper content.  A slow burning, low ash, 13gsm paper that has helped pave the way to today’s innovation on rolling paper. Named the winner in VICE Magazine’s April ’99 “Battle of the Skins”, and still today proudly renowned as one of the best rolling papers of all time. The DeLuxe family has grown since the mid '90s to include just about every rolling paper format there is, offering each rolling connoisseur the paper to fit their roll.

The paper is one of our most popular families and is available in Regular, Double Window, 1 1/4 Medium, 1 1/4 Medium + Tips, 300 Flat Pack, King Size, King Size + Tips, Rolls, Rolls + Tips and Pre-Roll Cones.

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